Living outdoors is just not enjoying the backyard.  It's enjoying Nature as our backyard! Enjoying birding, gardening, cooking and grilling.  Camping, day hiking, trekking, creating furniture and useful items.  Learning about our natural environment.
Cooking and grilling are always a hot topic.  Creating a meal using simple other tools such as a vagabond stove will take you many places and make meals very easy.  There's always Fireless Cooking when you are on the go and on the road.  Knowing simple meal planning and packing.
Skills such as knife safety and usage, choosing and purchasing equipment, creating camp furniture.  Learning to live comfortably while camping.  These are all things that you can learn.  I can guide you and teach you the tricks.  I offer classes in simple camping techniques, cooking and having fun with the family.
Camp furniture can be created with a couple of simple knots and some "sticks" using lashing. A gate perhaps to the campsite.  A camp kitchen to contain all your needs.  Chairs and tables.  Imagine having the best decorated site?
Or perhaps you'd like to decorate a small corner of your garden with a trellis, a chair to hold that favorite pot.  A tripod for that beautiful clematis?  Fences for your peonies?
I offer classes to meet all your needs, from beginner to advanced.  We can meet to determine your needs and go from there.
Creative Furniture  (knots and lashing)


Knife use and Care

Hiking, trekking

      Camping Skills and Equipment

  Stoves and Ovens
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    Packing Techniques
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  Menu Planning
Camp Cuisine