Here are some things that you may want to consider:

     *  planning a family dinner around learning simple dutch
    oven meals and desserts

*  having a small group party with catered campfire meals

*  having a campfire desserts party and tasting

Dutch oven cooking is a fun way to socialize with people and make new friends.  There's nothing I enjoy more than getting my ovens out to cook up something special for an evening get together with family and friends.  There's just something special about good food that has a way of drawing people together.  I enjoy watching the expressions on people's faces when I crack an oven lid to let them take a peek at the goodies cooking inside.  They all crowd in a little closer to get a good look and then the wafting aromas hit them.  Some of them look like they want to jump right into the pot!  I enjoy every moment I spend cooking in my ovens and by cooking for others. By answering their questions I hope to educate them and make them want to give it a try as well. 

Aside from being a fun activity, I believe that Dutch oven cooking is a living skill that every individual can learn and benefit from.  As a society, I believe we have become too fast paced in our everyday lives and have forgotten or neglected  to learn many skills that, 100 years ago, would have been second nature.  Electricity and natural gas are the center of our everyday lives.  How many of us would know how to cook for our families if those services were suddenly gone?  With Dutch oven cooking skills, I have learned over the years, I now have an additional confidence that I can cook my family a good hot meal at any time regardless of our current circumstances.
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